About Mr. Vahan Adjemian

Mr. Vahan Ajemian was born in 1922 in Uskudar, Istanbul. His father was from the historic Armenian city of Sepastia, and his mother was from Bulgaria. They married in Bulgaria during World War I, became Bulgarian citizens and moved to Istanbul after the War ended.  Vahan Ajemian's Bulgarian nationality would later become an obstacle to him throughout his life.

Vahan Ajemian attended several Armenian schools in Istanbul and graduated from Getronagan Armenian High School. He majored in Physics and Chemistry at Istanbul University and received a Master's degree in Nuclear Physics from the Technical University of Istanbul.

He began his teaching career in 1956 at the Sourp Khatch Tibrevank in Istanbul, on the encouragement and invitation of the Very Reverend Father Karekin Kazanjian, who served as principal at the time, and later as Patriarch of the Armenian See of Istanbul.  Later, Mr. Ajemian went on to work at the Sahakyan and Esayan Armenian High Schools. He taught Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry until his retirement.  He now lives in Paris, France.

Baron Vahan, as he is so fondly and respectfully known to his students, is loved and remembered by all but he holds a very special place in the hearts of all Tibrevanktsees.  Besides being an excellent teacher, he was a role model, big brother and best friend to all his students. The special relationship with his Tibrevanktsee students is due to Tibrevank being a boarding school, where deeper relationships were formed within the school community.  He kept in touch with his students after their graduation and still continues the relationship today, even though some of them are now grandparents. He has come to know his students, children and then even their grandchildren. He believes in maintaining strong family bonds and friendships.

As his students, we enjoyed and continue to enjoy his company anytime, whenever it is available and look forward to his company for as long as possible.

Baron Vahan is a giver. He never asks for anything nor is he willing to accept anything from his students. He has always been the one to give.

In this spirit of giving, we find it very fitting to offer scholarships in his name to Armenian students.  It is what he would do, and we are honored and proud to form this Scholarship Fund in his name.